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The NFL Combine Starts Today.

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The NFL Combine starts today. Approximately 300 players have been invited and they will run, Jump, tackle and catch to the best of their ability. All in an attempt to catch the eye of a team and land that coveted NFL Professional contract. Mock drafts have been drawn up by both teams, and the talking heads of the media. Statistics are analyzed, and game film, is viewed for hours. Character is evaluated and even family pedigree is taken into account with some players. But the most ardent of fan and team “experts” are seemingly in the dark. Even first round picks are in debate. Can’t miss prospects such as Tony Mandarich, Heath Schuler, Ryan Leaf and recently JaMarcus Russell, all taken in the first 1,2, or 3 picks by teams, who supposedly knew what they were doing, were total failures. On the other hand Bart Starr was not taken until the 17th Round. Johnny Unitas dropped to the 9th Round. Roger Staubach was not taken until the 10th Round and possibly the greatest of them all Tom Brady was “snapped up” in the 6th round. Maybe Jumping catching running and passing is not as important as heart, determination and sheer competitiveness. I am sure there are statistics for those traits also.



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