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The NFL has another round of seemingly meaningless pre-season.

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The NFL has another round of seemingly meaningless pre season games this weekend. The large injury list resulting from the preseason games already played, have raised the question as to why play these games at all. Broken legs, knee injuries, ankle injuries, hamstring problems, shoulder injuries, and back injuries have all resulted from pre season events. Coaches are hesitant to expose “big name” players to this environment. The hit suffered by Sam Bradford from Terrell Suggs will be a highlight shown for years as an example why preseason is not necessary. Money seems to drive the preseason as owners now sell preseason tickets as well as the usual regular season events. Fans often pay big prices gambling to see the “regulars” play as few as one series of downs. The players struggling to make the team, those lower on the totem pole of playing time, will do whatever it takes to be noticed. A big hit, a crucial tackle, an interception, gets them noticed by the right people so they will pursue the game with a little more aggression, sometimes with disastrous results. Younger players push the veterans. Players with dreams push those entrenched and maybe a little complacent. This weekend’s games have some very interesting matchups that may go a little further than the usual preseason fare. The Steelers and the Bills play in Buffalo, the Jets visit the Giants, the Falcons visit the Dolphins, the Redskins visit the Ravens, and the Seahawks visit the Chargers. These games are fun to watch no matter when they play and I anticipate similar aggression to be exhibited in preseason. Season indicators show that The Giants should beat the Jets, and the Seahawks should beat the Chargers while the other named games are a tossup. The Dolphins have a tougher team according to head coach Cameron Wake. With their many additions boosting both their offense and defense, it is time for Ryan Tannerhill to step up and lead the team to better than their predicted 8 win season. The usual regular season rivalries may spice up otherwise pedestrian games of football. I hope so



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