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The NFL Has Gone Crazy.

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The NFL has gone crazy. I am no football guru but some of the recent trades make no sense whatsoever. How can a coach, supposedly as smart as Chip Kelly trade for a Quarter Back who is recovering from his second major knee surgery, giving up a competent Quarter Back who has performed well and has an eigth of the annual salary. Sam Bradford is a big gamble while Nick Foles is a known commodity. Chip Kelly must know something we don’t. To add to the confusion regarding this trade is the additional draft picks in the deal. The Philadelphia Eagles are putting a lot of eggs in one basket. The Seattle Seahawks appear to have pulled the biggest coup in free agency this year. They have added Jimmy Graham from the New Orleans saint to an already solid offense. Jimmy Graham now becomes the go to man for Russell Wilson, and all it cost them was Center Max Unger and a low first round, draft pick. Seattle got a lot better with that deal. Ndamukong Suh is now a Miami Dolphin. Dominant defensive tackles are a handy thing to have. Cameron Wake, and Oliver Vernon now have another force to be reckoned with. Let the battle for Quarter Back sacks begin. Not without his baggage, Ndamukong Suh, will have to be on a short leash with Miami Beach only a short distance away. The NFL game of “Chess” or “Chicken” has just begun with many deals yet to be made. The list of Free Agents is large with only the top players being talked about in the press. The back room of many NFL Franchises are keeping their cards close to the vest. The rest of the week will be just as interesting.



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