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The NFL Repeatedly States it is Against Gambling.

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The NFL repeatedly states it is against Gambling. Many Sports are. The NFL however does the most to support a gambler’s “habit”. Gambling ensures interest, and interest increases viewership on tv, listeners on the radio and “hits” online. All those revenue avenues benefit the NFL coffers. This weekend an unprecedented move by the Vikings saw them take a knee on an extra point attempt after a touchdown. The spread on the game was 6 points and that 1 extra point would have made a lot of gamblers happy. Conversely it also made a large group of gamblers very happy. I guess the players took their kneeling protest to another level. The NFL is already losing viewership. The NFL is already enduring the wroth of the general public with their protests. Some already believe the referees favor the New England Patriots; the concussion issue keeps raising its ugly head. These are just a few of the issues the NFL faces in the future. If they upset the gamblers they may be in real trouble.

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