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This Great American Pioneer.

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It is not everyday that a great American icon is born, nor is it everyday that one passes. However, that day is sadly today. The great American hero, John Glenn, has died at the age of 95. This great American pioneer was the first American to orbit the Earth, as well as the oldest person in space. Before he touched the stars, Glenn served in the Marine Corps of World War 2 and the Korean War. Afterwards, he served as the Democratic senator of Ohio. Still, a person of such renowned status does not go unnoticed. President Obama and President elect Donald Trump have both expression their condolences and love for the great American hero. On the other hand, even though he may be gone, he continues to spread the love we have all seen throughout his lifetime by opening the John Glenn Institute of Public Service at Ohio State University. Although an amazing American icon has passed, we should both mourn and celebrate the life that he lived and the wonderful service he contributed to the American people.



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