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Tom Brady & Peyton Manning Meet Again in the 2015 AFC Game.

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The NFL games this weekend are for the respective Conference Championships. In the AFC Game the New England Patriots travel to the Denver Broncos. The NFC game has the Arizona Cardinals travelling to the Carolina Panthers. According to all the talking heads there is no reason to play these games. Tom Brady and the Patriots are the winner of the three o’clock game and the Cam Newton and the Panthers have won the later game. One of the reasons you play these games is to determine the outcome. Sure the Patriots average more total yards per game than the Broncos. They pass for more yards, but Denver has the edge in the rushing game. The Carolina Panthers average more rushing yards than the Arizona Cardinals but the Cardinals gain more passing yards and total yards per game. The weather should not be a factor in either game. Brady should advance to his seventh Super Bowl. With Four wins and three Super Bowl MVP awards he may very well get the chance to improve his Super Bowl Record. Cam Newton on the other hand just wants a chance to be a participant in the big game. I think the talking heads may have these prediction correct. But we still have to play the games



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