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Tom Brady Video Goes Viral.

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Tom Brady Signed New England Patriots Jersey Display.

Social Media can be a good thing, if used correctly. Staying in contact with friends and family was probably the original intent but using uploaded video, photo posts, and personal blogs, modern society now has the every detail of their seemingly important life, online. Sometimes an on line persona can come back to bite you. Tom Brady found this out recently when a seemingly innocuous family trip to Costa Rica, and the activities engaged in while on that trip, caused a firestorm among New England Patriot fans, and media personnel. Posted online was the video of “Tom Terrific” jumping off high ground into water. A fun time with the family. No so say the fans. Big time sports contracts often have clauses inserted as to what is, or is not acceptable. One quarterback had it written into his contract that he was not to ride three wheeler motorcycles. No Professional wrestling to be undertaken was inserted into another Pro Footballer’s contract. In England, one soccer professional had written into his agreement that no flights in space were allowed during the contracted period. Teams try to protect their large investments, and quite rightly so. Tom may have thought he was “Superman” but the New England Patriots fans had their heart in their mouth watching that video.



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