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Tonight’s Powerball lotto is the talk of the water cooler.

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Tonight’s Powerball lotto is the talk of the water cooler. You may be telling a fib if you have not at least fantasized about winning. Maybe you have even been tempted to buy your first ticket. $1.3 Billion changes not only lives but the lives of generations of family members to the winner or winners. Sure you only get about 60% if you take the lump sum depending on the Federal and State tax laws where you live. 60% of $1.3 Billion amounts to, give or take a few dollars, $780 million. That kind of money gets you noticed by everyone. Maybe even make the Forbes richest Americans list. Losing it all may be in the cards as well. Stories of Life after winning are rife with gambling, murder, and bankruptcy, although it may take a little longer to burn thru this amount of money. The Television talking heads are interviewing one and all who will speak on camera asking “What would you do with the money?” The politically correct answers are served up to the viewing audience. Charity, Family, help the (insert cause here), and of course, travel. Reality shows maybe champagne and expensive yachts are in your future, surrounded by people you never knew or hard know now. The yearly payout has some benefits but most take the lump sum. You have thought about it though, haven’t you? Me?…… I would buy an island somewhere as a refuge against all those who want me to believe I am suddenly the most popular man they have ever known. Location yet to be determined



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