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United States Eighteen Trillion Dollars in Debt.

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Eighteen Trillion Dollars in Debt. The USA topped the mark earlier this month. Not a word was said. The debt is continuing to grow at a rate of 3.4 Billion a day. Median House hold income in the USA is nearly fifty two thousand dollars per year. That figure has remained stable since 2009. Not so the amount of the National debt owed by each individual. Recently it sailed above fifty six thousand Dollars per person. And that is just the acknowledged Federal debt. States are in similar dire circumstances. The unfunded liabilities for Medicare, Social Security, and State Pensions, reportedly tops fifty three Trillion Dollars. I don’t care who you are…… that a lot of money. The eighteen trillion dollars of the federal, national debt would fill over two thousand, three hundred and ninety semi trailers, if loaded with one hundred dollar bills. There is no end in sight to the increases. Madness reigns. Remember. “All good things must come to an end”. I hope it is not soon.



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