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Unlock The Iphones!!!

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Unlock the phone. Apple denying the FBI’s request to unlock an Apple phone used by one of the two attackers, who were responsible for fourteen deaths in the recent San Bernardino terrorism attack, makes no sense. Surely it is in the best interest of both Apple and society as a whole, for them to comply. If it is simply a request to unlock a phone to obtain the information therein, I do not understand Apple’s problem. If the request is for Apple to write a program that the FBI, and or, other Government agencies, can use on any phone, then maybe there is a privacy issue. Today a person’s online presence is as an open book. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Linked In; document an individual’s life in probably too much, rather dull, detail. Yet these same individuals worry about NSA listening to their equally dull phone conversations. They are not that important. Apple is asked to provide help to a government agency whose task it is to ascertain domestic threats. Unlock the phone so they may determine whether this incident was the act of a couple or the act of a group of individuals. I don’t see the problem.



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