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Was Justice Served in Ferguson?

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Ferguson Missouri, is the center of the USA, and it is not due to its location. The world waited and watched to see what would happen as a result of the grand Jury decision last evening. They were not disappointed. Whatever you believed each side took from the decision what they wanted to either inflame the situation or be grateful that the correct decision was made. Trials are no longer tried by facts in a courtroom but rather tried in the court of public outrage. Those who believe an injustice was done are more vocal, and more destructive than those who believe Justice was served. Many false statements made on TV and in the press as a whole have been seen as the truth. No matter what facts were shown to be correct, would change the minds of those inflamed to protest by a small group using the situation to their advantage. Eighty three cities were ready for formal protests, disaster waiting to happen, no matter what the verdict. Mob violence is usually the agitation of a few, using the situation to inflame the masses. The burning and looting of buildings, is foreign to ninety-nine percent of Americans. The few who participate in such radical actions do so under the cover of darkness, and the peaceful protesters. Some make a living off inflaming the surmised, racial situation, some try to quietly go about repairing the situation. Rudolph Giuliani was vilified this past weekend for stating the Black on Black crime Statistics. Where were all these protestors, when during this year’s July 4th weekend in Chicago , 82 people were shot, 14 of them fatally, most were black teens. It is common knowledge that when one picks the facts, one can make them show whatever outcome one wants. Ninety Nine percent of all Americans are law abiding citizens. It is unfortunate that the one percent drives the argument.



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