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Boxing Memorabilia

Signature Royale offers authentic autographed boxing memorabilia with superior craftsmanship. Our autographed boxing memorabilia products make outstanding gifts for all of the boxing fans in your life. 


The Greats

For athletes and fans who have ever followed boxing, there are a few names in fighting that everyone knows: Muhammad Ali, Guillermo Rigondeaux, Floyd Mayweather, Cain Velasquez. These are the greats. We have bronze sculptures, framed photos, and signed photos of these various legends, and they’re ready to adorn your living room wall or be the centerpiece of your “man cave”.


Of course, the most famous name in boxing is Muhammad Ali, the king of “rope-a-dope” and “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Our products featuring the king of boxing include a bronze sculpture of him defeating George Foreman and another of the famous defeat of Sonny Liston, where Ali knocked him out in 60 seconds. This famous image has also been applied to canvas signed by Ali himself. Another framed photo of the defeat also has a replica of a ticket to the event.

These boxing collectibles of some of the greatest boxers in history are top of the line. So whether you’re a boxing enthusiast looking to deck out a man cave or living room, or you know a boxing enthusiast who would love any of these items, Signature Royale is your one-stop shop for autographed boxing memorabilia. These photos and sculptures are sure to garner attention and inevitably turn the conversation to your favorite topic.

Boxing is an iconic sport and requires both strength and finesse. These figures of boxing champs immortalize its finest moments and players. These men defined the history of the sport in these moments of triumph, and those moments can be immortalized in your home—a constant tribute to those who have made history. These men are and were champions, in the ring and out of it. What better way to honor their greatness and inspire greatness in others than to keep them in memory with one of these art pieces? Each of our boxing collectibles is guaranteed to be an authentic and original piece. Purchase autographed boxing memorabilia today and immortalize the legends.

Signature Royale is your one-stop shop for autographed boxing memorabilia. 



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