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Signature Royale offers authentic cycling memorabilia with superior craftsmanship. Our Tour de France memorabilia and other historical cycling products make outstanding gifts for all of the cycling fans in your life. 

Signature Royale Cycling Memorabilia

Bicycles have been around since about 1840 when they were invented by blacksmith Kirkpatrick MacMillan. Since then, increases in efficiency to bikes have allowed them to turn into an exciting race sport that combines endurance and speed with uneven terrain. Two of the most popular sporting events in the world are the Tour of California and the Tour de France.

With thousands of participants and many artifacts from cycling events, there is plenty of cycling memorabilia for any collector to look forward to. More valuable collectibles and Tour de France memorabilia, such as the colors of winners, are often sold or stashed in a personal collection.

The truth is that the jersey of anyone who finishes a major race is incredibly valuable to the owner and often to collectors as well. Hundreds and thousands of ordinary people have the opportunity to participate in large bike races, and most are happy just to complete the trek. It is a bragging point that is cherished for a lifetime and any reminders are kept with the participant for decades.

Signature Royale cycling memorabilia includes photographs and jerseys from famous races and perhaps less than famous races that occurred both recently and in history. An extensive inventory by Signature Royal can help collectors with even very peculiar desires. They might want a treasure from an obscure race from decades ago or perhaps something from a big race in the past year.

These are both investment opportunities and a chance to express fondness for local events. Cycling is a popular sport, and memorabilia is instantly recognized and identified with by people from all over the world.

The large collection of Tour de France memorabilia and cycling collectibles from Signature Royale means attractive and original treasures and trophies can be procured for relatively little cost. An amateur cyclist can place these on the living room wall in order to make their personal space more attractive and more consistent with their fond interests.

Cycling memorabilia from recent events sell for low cost right now, but the value could be tens of thousands of dollars in the future if the investor is intelligent about their investment. If a race has a long tradition, it will likely exist years in the future, and some collectors will be willing to pay large sums for pristine memorabilia.

Signature Royale cycling memorabilia may be just what you are looking for to show off your love for cycling or to give someone a special gift that they will always cherish.




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