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Jordan Spieth Memorabilia

Jordan Spieth won the 2015 Masters Tournament, the hard way.   It is hard to go low all four days.  It is hard to follow a low round with another low round.  It is hard to lead an event all four days.  It is hard to sleep, knowing that 54 players lined up behind you are waiting for you to slip up.  Lead all four rounds he did. The most impressive thing for me was the fact that he played to win.  Spieth had opportunities to protect the lead he had built and hit a conservative golf shot.  He chose not to.  He went for it. Yes he stumbled home but there was no way he was ever going to lose.  The double on 17 and the bogey on 18, cost him the scoring record, but won him the title.  A class act who is secure with who he is.  When asked a question he answers it.  When put in stressful situation he remains calm. No matter what, he remains a gentleman.  A fine addition to the ranks of Masters Winners.



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