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Sports Memorabilia

Sports memorabilia is personal.  Sports Memorabilia means something to the collector.  To an investor, Sports memorabilia is nothing more than an addition to his portfolio.  The investor chases the cream of the crop.  The Babe Ruth Jersey that sold for $4.4 million was probably purchased as an "investment", as the crown jewel in a "portfolio".   Other investments include, Paul Henderson's hockey Jersey, ($1.275 Million); the 1859 rules of Football, AKA Soccer, ($1.410 Million); The Honus Wagner card, ($2.8 Million); the Mark McGwire Home Run Ball where he broke the all time record, ($3 Million) and the Naismith rules of basketball, ($4.338 million).  Some of those "great investments" have proved not quite the value the sold for.  Good luck recouping your money from the Mark McGwire ball.  The Honus Wagner card was later proved to have been trimmed and not "Original" as sold. 

The more unique an item the more desirable it is to the true collector.  What means something to one individual, often has no value to another.  Good luck selling the UCLA Center court circle signed by UCLA Basketball greats to a Duke fan.  Ozzie Smith's Gold glove collection may appeal to a baseball Collector but good luck selling them to a Football aficionado.  Julius Erving's ABA Championship ring may appeal to some, but good luck selling that ring to a Hockey fan.  Sports Memorabilia is personal.

Sports Memorabilia has become the "Souvenir", the "Keepsake", the "Token", the "Remembrance" of an athlete, or a sporting occasion.   Some of this Sports Memorabilia, has a monetary value.  Some of this Sports Memorabilia, has no value at all to anyone other than the holder.   A logoed match box, removed from a Sporting facility or event is often retained as a memento of the visit,  A cap, emblazoned with the Roger Federer logo, is worn, not only as Sports Memorabilia, but a badge of honor signifying "I was there".  Memorabilia has no bounds.  The largest collection of golf pencils is in excess of 7000 unique items.  Bobble Head Dolls often grace an adults "Man Cave".   Shot glasses are sold for every imaginable event, team, or locale.   Sports cards are housed in books, displayed on stands, and treated like Royalty.   Everyone one has the story where "My Mother Threw them all out"  if Mothers hadn't done that, the old cards would not have become the rare, desirable, commodities, they are today.

Here in the United States of America the "big three" drive the signed memorabilia market.  Football, Baseball and Basketball dominate the Sports Memorabilia hobby.  Signed jerseys, either team or individual, signed photos of the individual,  signed balls by the individual or team, apply to Football, basketball, Baseball and Golf;  signed Bats for baseball or signed sticks for Hockey. Signed photos apply to all sports, including horse racing images signed by the up Jockey;  Signed Gloves for Boxing, Golf and Baseball; signed Racquets for tennis, and signed pin flags for Golf; all are extremely desirable collectibles.  If you obtain the signed items in person it makes it even more personal, and Sports Memorabilia is personal.

Outside the USA, Soccer, Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton and Rugby and drive the market.   Secondary sports such as Field Hockey, Horse Racing, Table Tennis and Formula 1, also are a driving force in this emerging market.  The same demand for signed Balls, Bats, sticks, Photos, jerseys, gloves, hats, racquets, and pin flags apply.

Unsigned memorabilia tends to be even more personal.  Logoed Clothing, event tickets, event programs, magazines, mini helmets, die cast cars, golf scorecards, event specific significant images, event commemorative pins, or something as simple as the same cleats worn by their heroes are all much in demand.  

Signature Royale uses officially licensed memorabilia.  Upper Deck Authenticated Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James items are proudly featured.   Officially Licensed Football, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Hockey, and golf items are also proudly featured on our site as like our astute clients, authenticity is important to us.  Our creativity in matting and framing, can be put to use on your behalf.  Our "You Name it..... We frame it"  section  features items we have framed for private individuals who wish to take their treasures from the drawer, or closet, and hang them prominently in their Office, Den,  Man Cave, or where ever else it deserves to be shown.  New items arrive every day as we strive to be at the forefront of a hobby, of a national, and international, business. We ship worldwide.  Join us today.  Add your email to our growing list of astute clients who seek the latest, from the  provider of choice within the memorabilia industry.



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